Journal of Sports Law, Policy and Governance. National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam







The JSLPG (Journal of Sports Law, Policy and Governance) is a peer reviewed open-access journal published under the aegis of North-East Students for the Furtherance of International Law (NESFIL), (an International Law Students Association (ILSA) local chapter) in collaboration with the National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam. The JSLPG is published bi-annually (May and December) in the niche area of International Sports Law, Policy and Governance. The JSLPG is the first and the only journal in India of its type to encourage the study of Sports Law in the light of Policy, Governance and other allied issues.
Manuscripts are invited from practitioners, academicians, students and other stakeholders in the areas of studies concerning the Journal. The Journal will maintain an august Editorial Panel of International Sports Law experts. The Journal aims to highlight the critical issues affecting the formulation, regulation and implementation of the law and policy affecting the sports in present times. The JSLPG focusses on contemporary issues relating to sports law with a comparative approach but quality research work on any significant issue concerning the aspect of sports law and policy would is welcomed.

The editorial board of the Journal will also organize several events to promote interest and scholarship in the field of Sports law in addition to the publication of this journal. This would include colloquiums, an annual essay competition and a quiz series. NESFIL and ‘JSLPG’ are an equitable and gender-neutral organizations. In line with the organization’s traditional policy of promoting gender equality, female academics and/or practitioners are particularly encouraged to send in their proposals and manuscripts.