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NESFIL is a constituent chapter of International Law Students Association at National Law University, Assam established with the aim to foster "International Law" across the Northeast region as an important study of law. NESFIL, as the name suggests was initiated with the purpose of bringing easy accessibility to resources essential for scholars, academicians and students alike. NESFIL organizes events and conduct activities round the year through which it tries to highlight the importance of International legal studies and help students build a strong relationship with the legal fraternity. The NESFIL team continuously work to put forward quality resources such as journals, blogs and newsletters for students, academicians, scholars and journalists. NESFIL or North East Students for the Furtherance of International Law also aims to conduct activities such as Moot Courts and Essay Competitions to not only promote International Law and its subject areas such as Space Law, Humanitarian Law, Maritime Law, Air Law, Human Rights Law, Environment Law etc. but to spread the awareness of International Law in institutes all around the North-East Region.
As an organization, ILSA and NESFIL as its chapter aims at promoting awareness and understanding of international law and other related issues among the student community all over the world. And the same goal is expected to be reached via the means of various activities, such as academic conferences, publications, blogs, and the administration of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Through the means of such interactive activities the NESFIL chapter, a member of the parent organisation, i.e. ILSA (International Law Students Association), aims at educating the students and lawyers around the world in the principles and purposes of international law, international organizations and institutions, and comparative legal systems. At NESFIL, with the specific and focused aim of working in promoting the awareness regarding the principles of International Law in the North-East Region, the team members and the chapter as a student entity, with time, would incorporate newer means and methods so as to organize newer activities and events, which aid us in achieving our goals.